Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned Paintings

Commission Charlie to create an original work of art just for you!  Create a CH custom painting to live with and enjoy for the rest of your life or as a gift for someone to treasure for many generations.  Charlie’s commissioned paintings are one of a kind because each client is one of a kind. Thus, each commission poses unique factors that must be worked around. The process is explained below along with some common FAQ’s for you to consider when thinking about your next commissioned art work.

How it Works


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are my choices regarding subject, size, color, etc…?
The subject of the painting is more than likely going to be determined by you.  Size and Color are often times determined by your overall involvement in the commission.  Often times clients choose to keep their involvement at a minimum and leave the size and color up to Charlie’s creativity.  However, you may have a specific spot in your home or an empty frame you’re looking to fill so, specifics are important – ether way, the commissioned painting will be spectacular.

Overall, the more details you have ready for Charlie the better.  For example; If you are commissioning a pet portrait, you should include many photos (the bigger, the better and from different angles), note any unique features, and always check out Charlie’s Portfolio to reference any features, styles or colors from other paintings by Charlie.

How do I get my painting?
Depending on where you are located, Charlie will either deliver your painting to you in person or will ship your painting via transportation delivery service like FedEx, UPS (or other preferred carrier if necessary).
What are your payment terms for commissioned art?
50% of the total cost is due before starting the project.  Fee covers materials and invested time in researching the commission.  Half of the deposit is non-refundable should the transaction not make it to term.  A more lenient agreement may be arranged depending on the commission specifics.